Monday, August 29, 2011

Is the Bionic Ear Good For Tinnitus?

We seek relief in so many forms. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it is simply intuition.
In either case, if it works we are pleased or at least satisfied.

So, after I found significant relief and a fresh surge of energy from the reduced sounds in my head, I shared the news.  I am telling other people who experience ringing ears that if it gets so bad that they are having trouble with everyday living, talk to the people at the Shea Clinic in Memphis. Perhaps they can help you too. 

And people always share their methods of coping with internal unwanted sounds. One fellow recently told me about how the Bionic Ear not only helped him hear better, it effectively masked the internal sounds and gave him relief.  I admit I have never tried it. But I share his resource with you, maybe it will help you.

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remember... never give up... work when you can... rest when you must...
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Friday, July 8, 2011

UPdate on Ringing Ears

In April 2008 I went to the Shea Clinic in Memphis for the first time.  Though the waiting rooms were filled. The results of the lidocaine perfusion were remarkable.  I am convinced this was the right choice for me.

The volume of the multiple sounds in each ear dropped exponentially! It was not silent inside my head but the decrease was SO noticeable that is FELT FANTASTIC. Actually, it felt like I had been living with my head inside a pillow in the fog.  These treatments removed the pillow and cleared the fog.

Lots of prayers of thanksgiving and joy and celebrations at home with this news. My friends and family have been with me through DECADES of worsening multiple sounds and increasingly louder decibel levels. Along the way, I had to change my line of work and get out of stressful situations because stress and fatigue were big catalysts for the sounds in my head which I could not change.

This summer, June 2011, I went back for a check up and to see if I needed or could benefit from a "booster" treatment. The answer was affirmative on both counts. Sounds had been returning and a new roaring sound was incessant and maddening. Actually that roaring sounds like a distant waterfall the size of Niagara Falls.
And some days it was closer than others. 

After meeting another group of remarkable people in the upstairs waiting room we began to share our stories about Tinnitus and how hard it had been to find treatment or even someone who would listen to our concerns. Patients came from all over. And I do mean ALL OVER. This seems to be the only place where this treatment is offered.

Though when I mentioned to Dr. Paul Shea( the grandson of the founder) that an ENT surgeon in Alabama was interested in learning these techniques he explained how  I could get them in contact with each other and showed a willingness to discuss training.  (Gee that was a LOOONG sentence!).

This time after my treatments. I was amazed and blessed  with the discovery of near silence inside my right ear. I almost did not recognize it. The sounds in my left ear had diminished a lot too. I have a follow up checkup in a few weeks and I surely do not want to miss it.

I found the most relief with sounds of wolves, whales and dolphins, which were, by the way, essentially all in the same musical key. of E flat.

Consequently, I appreciate Paul Winter's music and found it to be more calming for me than the electric fan sound that my cousin likes so much.
Sun Singer  Canyon  Silver Solstice (W/Dvd)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tinnitus Slide Show - Clinical Perspective

Research has revealed a lot of new information in the past twenty years.

This slide show gives you an outline of the types of Tinnitus and various treatments that have been studied in clinical research situations.

My experience is not included within the content of the slide show. I share it here to fill in some of the knowledge gaps that I wish I had filled in many years ago.

Maybe you will discover something helpful here too.